NO STRUGGLE, let us walk on this earth with GRACE and GENTLENESS.

In WONDER and AWE of our BODY’S WISDOM, we can RELAX and HEAL.

Letting the past UNWIND. LETTING GO of pain, OPENING our HEART, and moving towards WHOLENESS and PEACE.

BEING with our experience, OVERCOMING fear and MEETING OURSELVES with MAITRI – unconditional friendliness.

APPRECIATING our own and others’ basic GOODNESS and inherent SANITY.

It is a JOY to be ourselves. We already are the one EXISTENCE wants us TO BE.

GRATEFUL for all and everything we meet and for what the UNIVERSE is teaching us. TRANSFORMATIONS every day.

LOVING our world. CARING for ourselves, each other, and OUR PLANET. AWARE that we all BELONG to the same ONE TRIBE, mice and men.

SHARING our gifts with the world, utilizing our CLARITY, RICHNESS, PASSION, ACTION, and PRESENCE for the BENEFIT OF ALL. Making THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE.



My vision is a world where everybody recognizes and lives their own goodness, embodying and actualizing their potential. A world where we open to our experience as sacred and transforming, living our inherent health, sanity, and wholeness; a sustainable, compassionate life, in harmony with all of creation and to the benefit of all.


Through my skills and being I aspire to contribute to healing and recovery by means of individual sessions and workshops, enabling people to live a life of fullness and active compassion with self and other.


– reverence for life
– ahimsa (non-violence)
– sustainability
– wu-wei (being/non-doing)

vision – mission – values c

When suffering arises, we breathe it in for everybody. This poison is not just our personal misfortune. It’s our kinship with all living things, the seed of compassion and openness. Instead of pushing it away or running from it, we breathe in and connect with it fully. We do this with the wish that all of us could be free of suffering.
– Pema Chödrön

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