Pavitra | Sound massage in Stockholm. Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for meditation and sound healing for thousands of years.

Sound Massage

In Tibet and Nepal, singing bowls have been used for meditation and sound healing for thousands of years. According to the ancient wisdom of Tibetan masters the bowls are made of at least seven different metals. Each metal is representing one of the seven planets known in ancient times. High-quality singing bowls are made by hand – which is a real art. For a Sound Massage only singing bowls of excellent quality are being used. Only singing bowls of this quality have harmonious overtones and healing qualities.

The soft sustained sounds of the singing bowls provide a focus that is quieting the chattering mind and aligning the body. Their gentle, purifying vibrations clear negative energies, stimulate the chakras and can bring deep relaxation. A Sound Massage is a subtle sound bath. Sound waves vibrating the body are massaging every single cell. They bring new flow into stagnant places, loosening muscle tensions and energizing organs.

A Sound Massage will help to bring relief from pain and problems caused by stress, worries, and anxiety. It can nurture insight and intuition and be a deeply meditative experience. It supports the development of inner harmony, providing strength for your everyday life. Your creativity and productive energy will receive new impulses.

For a Sound Massage the singing bowls are placed on and around the client’s body according to your individual needs.

Purpose: Relax, de-stress, recharge

Means: Sound waves, overtones

Duration: 60 min.

Fee: 1.000 kr


what clients say

Thank you for these unbelievably strong sessions! Already after the first time I had much more space – I tend to be thinking a lot but I felt deep relaxation and it got much more quiet in my head! I would never have thought that sound and singing bowls could have such a relaxing and mind-blowing effect! – Martin


Every sound creates a particular state within you; there is no sound which doesn’t. Sound really reaches within you and strikes your consciousness… [It] surrounds you like a fragrance, cleanses you, refreshes you, rejuvenates you, gives you new elan, new zest, new enthusiasm. The word ‘enthusiasm’ is beautiful: the root means ‘God within’.
– Osho

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