Pavitra | TRE in Stockholm – Trauma & Tension Releasing Exercises are drawing on non-Reichian Bioenergetics and the latest research on the body’s ability to release stress and trauma.

TRE Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE is drawing on Neo-Reichian Bioenergetics and the latest neurophysiological research on the body’s ability to release stress and trauma and to restore health. TRE is a powerful self-help tool for stress and tension release that shows immediate results. TRE has been developed by David Berceli PhD, American researcher, trauma therapist, and former munk. Dr. Berceli was trained by Alexander Lowen, a student of Wilhelm Reich. Dr. Berceli has very successfully been using TRE with soldiers and war veterans suffering from stress and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

When we get stressed and/or threatened our body responds by contracting our muscles. Tense muscles signalize to the brain that there is imminent danger. This leads to a higher production of stress hormones. A higher level of stress hormones lets muscles tense up even more. And this way a vicious circle is created.

How TRE works

With TRE we break this negative pattern. We work in the direction of relaxation and tension release. TRE will reduce the level of stress hormones in the body, enabling it to return to its equilibrium. Our life energy can again flow freely from the core into the periphery of the body.

TRE induces a kind of muscular vibration or shaking, so called neurogenic tremors. These tremors occur naturally from within the body as a way of tension release. With TRE, we reach our core muscles where we hold our deepest tensions. We especially reach the Ileopsoas muscle deep inside the belly. The Psoas muscle is not easily reached by therapies such as massage.

Practiced regularly, TRE will over time de-armor the body. That means that it will remove the muscular tensions that become like an armor. This armor prevents our life energy from being available to us.

Benefits of TRE

TRE can help you to
– sleep better
– reduce anxiety and panic attacks
– improve digestive and other psychosomatic disorders
– improve energy levels and performance
– worry less and be more patient
– reduce acute and chronic aches and pains
– tolerate and be with your emotions
– reduce symptoms of shock, trauma, prolonged stress, PTSD
– overcome depression

In a TRE session you learn a set of simple exercises that prepare the body for the release of tensions and stress. You will be guided through the shaking and releasing process and you will then be able to continue to do TRE for yourself at home. TRE is a great self-help tool to restore the body’s and your nervous system’s natural resilience and will lead to greater wellbeing on many levels!

To read more, please also visit Dr. Berceli’s website

Purpose: stress management, tension release

Means: simple exercises, neurogenic tremors

Duration: 60 min.

Fee: 1.000 kr

what clients say

I have slowed down a lot since I started coming here for sessions. TRE has helped me to feel and trust my body more, and it was very empowering that I immediately could continue doing it by myself at home, too. Thank you for being my guide in this, I feel that I have received a lot of support from you! – Niklas

My body does it all by itself! Also, I feel my body more and I am much calmer after the sessions! New possibilities… thank you! – Emma


Animals that live in their natural habitats often encounter trauma. Once the initial fight, flight, or freeze reaction is over, how do they process the trauma? If a gazelle is attacked by a lion but manages to escape, its entire body will shiver for a while. This trembling is a way of shaking out the excess charge. After the adrenaline has been released, the gazelle returns to the herd, drinking water from the pond as though nothing has happened.
– Dr. David Berceli

The body is your basic truth… your body is your contact, your body is your bridge. Your body is your temple.

– Osho


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