Pavitra, Somatic Experiencing SE, Craniosacral therapy, TRE Tension and Trauma Release, Sound therapy,Tibetan singing bowls, Meditation, mindfulness

Craniosacral Therapy

Somatic Experiencing

TRE Tension and Trauma Release

Sound Massage with Tibetan singing bowls

Meditation & Mindfulness

When you have a treasure but do not know of it,
this causes poverty and suffering.
When the Buddha eye observes beings,
it sees that there’s a great treasure in their bodies
that is eternal and unchanging.
– The Buddha

Thank you!

  • It feels so incredibly liberating, I feel that a big part of my nervous system is totally re-organizing itself, discharging and relaxing. It feels like I'm letting go of tons of difficulties and stress, and that is so nice!

  • Thank you for the big and fine work we are doing.

  • I have had these sinus problems for years but after three treatments with you now I don't need to have the surgery that the doctors had planned for me. Thank you so much!

  • This was not a session, this was a birth!

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