Inner Light – X-mas and New Year’s Retreat

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Welcome to my blog on body mind balance and on the therapies that I am offering – namely Craniosacral therapy, Somatic Experiencing, TRE Tension and Trauma Release, and Sound Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls. I will talk nervous system, inherent health and stress management, meditation, mindfulness, but also yoga, food and more! Stay tuned!

I am excited to start off my blog with the announcement of the Inner Light X-mas and New Year’s Retreat that my husband Nishant and I will be giving in Finland! In this retreat we will practice meditation and inquiry, do heart yoga, experience presence, and have the opportunity to discover more about ourselves.

When you can be at home with your inner world, your self will invite you into her deeper treasures. While the inner journey includes thoughts and feelings, it doesn’t stop there, because the real self is so much more! Places of stillness, calm, love, grace, gratitude are waiting for those who travel to their core and beyond.

Out of that fertile ground arises an Inner Light. Inner Light is the play of your basic intelligence as it manifests in the world. With Inner Light you don’t have to react from past habits, you can offer the real truth of your adult, timeless self to any situation. And you can trust that what comes from this place of Inner Light is good.

Please, join us for a nourishing way to end the old and renew yourself for the coming year! Nishant and I will bring our Shamanic drums for Bodyflow, a kind of guided body mind journeys, and our Tibetan singing bowls for subtle and deep sound baths! There will of course also be time to enjoy the beautiful nature – and the Finnish sauna!

We are looking forward to being at the newly built Elontuli Center in Karjalohja, about 100 km west of Helsinki, close to lake Puujärvi.

Retreat dates: Dec 26 (evening) – Jan 6 (5 PM). There is the option of joining for 5 days. Part 1: Dec 26 (evening) – Dec 31 (5 PM). Part 2: Jan 1 (evening) – Jan 5 (5 PM)
Course fee: € 1.250,- for 10 days, € 780,- for 5 days.

Please, contact us for info & booking!

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